Brad Witman


Circle Clinic

About Brad

I grew up on the East Coast but prefer the open spaces and the lifestyle found here in Colorado where I have lived for twelve of the last twenty years. I enjoy spending time with my daughters hiking, skiing, and cycling. I’m also an avid Crossfit enthusiast and occasionally dabble in a woodworking hobby.


I have worked in healthcare for 24 years, and the last twelve years as a Physician Assistant in Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, and Addiction Medicine. I’m licensed by the Colorado State Board of Medicine and nationally certified by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants. I received my PA training here in Colorado through the Red Rocks PA program in conjunction with Saint Francis University where I obtained a Master’s degree in Medical Science.

Why work with Brad?

I really enjoy the opportunity afforded in Psychiatry of getting to know my patients and developing a strong therapeutic relationship with the goal of achieving psychological wellness. I view this relationship as collaborative with the clinician’s role as a guide who understands the medical science of psychiatric illness and its various treatment modalities, who then guides the patient in shared decision making on a path toward mental and physical well being.