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Christina Stemitzke


About Christina

I was born in California and lived in Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida and here in Colorado. I lived in Miami for close to 11 years as well as Colorado for 11 years. Environmentally, I am very comfortable being ‘out-of-my-element. Culturally-speaking, most of my closest friends are Peruvian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Russian, New-Zealand, Indonesian, Greek, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Mexican. From a social standpoint, I do not shy away from dancing, eating and socializing on a weekly basis. No, I am not married yet but have a very sweet (toothless) cat that I adopted and her name is Maizey. She also goes by “bon-bon” and “puff muff”. On weekends, you might find me traveling to Miami beach to read or paddleboard. That is, if I am not in mountains hiking, out with friends or snowboarding. I am fixated on fitness and life balance, with wellness being at the forefront of my personal goals. I am family-oriented and have strong personal and occupational vocations that I look forward to demonstrating in this lifetime.

A favorite saying of mine is from Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” & Jocko Willink, “So get after it”


As a provider who implements mindfulness into personal practice, I provide continuity of care in medication management for my patients and prefer an initial approach through whole-patient wellness. While this incorporates the practice of competent care that includes current evidence-based practice, I value the building of a strong patient-provider relationship and sustaining it.

I am a board-certified Physician Associate (PA-C) who earned my master’s degree in Miami, FL at Herbert Werthiem College of Medicine (FIU). In past clinical practice, I received experience in various treatment settings including outpatient psychiatric clinics and various therapy offices in Denver, Colorado. Prior to my career as a Physician Associate, I gained valuable educational experience at Colorado State University in the field of neuroscience under the biomedical science model. Other services that I offered in past medical practice were Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), genetic testing and Spravato treatment.

As a point of interest, I actively champion school safety initiatives as a PA-C at Capitol Hill. In this way, I prefer working with patients, veterans and families of all ages effected the current climate surrounding this topic.

Why work with Christina?

As a provider who practices evidence-base medicine in treatment, it is compassion and wellness that lead my practice. I invite and encourage transparency in communication with me as a provider through every step of care that is provided. It is my conviction that the patient should be directly apart of their whole-patient centered care. I believe it to be foundational for establishing patient-provider trust, which is precisely correlated to efficacy in treatment.