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Eric Moore

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - BC

Tele-Medicine Clinic

About Eric

I spent my entire life associated with the military, from being an “Army Brat” to spending 8 years caring for America’s Sons and Daughters as a U.S. Army Nurse Corps Officer; working in the emergency room, the FORSCOM environment, deployed to Afghanistan, and served on a Forward Surgical Team.

I am married to an Active Duty Service Member and have two small children. As such, I am no stranger to the complexities and difficulties of raising a family while serving in the military. I have vast knowledge of the inner-workings and resources available to the military and their families and will use those to aid treatment plans for a holistic approach.

When I have time (which is rare), I like to spend time outdoors hiking and camping, riding my Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and playing video games with my children.


I am a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who received my degree from Colorado State University-Pueblo. I provide psychiatric evaluations, medication management and brief psychotherapy throughout the lifespan for a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, behavioral concerns, attention deficits, and thought disturbances.

Tele-psychiatry allows for minimal disruption in the already hectic world we live in and provides increased access to care for those who may not be able to attend a “traditional” appointment. Tele-psychiatry can reduce travel time, gas expenses, increase comfort, improve health outcomes and increase satisfaction.

Why work with Eric?

Access to health care continues to be a problem for many individuals, between family and work obligations there is little time, and many will prioritize themselves last when it comes to mental health. Often, people can feel like they are just another cog in the machine and become discouraged when healthcare reinforces that idea.

I approach mental health care with a client centered approach through open-mindedness, warmth, understanding and patience (sometimes corny jokes). I also strive to provide thorough and clear explanations for evidence-based treatment recommendations, and continually work to foster trust and collaboration toward individual client needs.