Doreen DeRoss


Doreen received her Master of Community Counseling degree in 2007 and obtained her LPC in 2011. She obtained her Certified Addiction Counselor Level III in 2007 as well. She has been working with military service members and their families since arriving at the Family Care Center in 2015. She has previously worked in the Department of Youth Corrections and in Community Mental Health Counseling. She specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, in which she is extensively trained through Behavioral Tech and the Linehan Institute. She has been providing comprehensive/adherent DBT for over eight years and is also EMDR certified. Doreen is currently one of fourtyeight therapists in the world trained in DBT for Children. She works with both children, adolescents and adults.. Difficult issues Doreen has experience in helping clients address and overcome include suicidal ideation/attempts, self-harming behavior, emotion dysregulation, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse, and addictions.