Erica Henkel


Erica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working in the helping profession for over 10 years. Erica specializes in Child-Centered Nondirective Play Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), and is a certified EMDR therapist. Erica is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and is currently training to become a Certified Yoga Therapist. Erica has worked across the lifespan with individuals and families in residential, day treatment, and outpatient settings, as well as working intensively with families in their home. She also has experience facilitating yoga based therapy groups for active duty military members. Erica meets clients where they are at and uses a wide array of interventions including EMDR, TFCBT, Mindfulness and Yoga Based strategies, Person-Centered approaches, and Play Therapy. Erica works with children and young adults and believes that each individual has an innate capacity to heal, but that sometimes a little extra support to maximize their full potential.