Aaron Bilodeau


About Aaron

I was raised in Montana and spent much of my time outside backpacking, rock climbing and skiing. I'm married with three kids and we enjoy spending their time outside and in the mountains.


I gravitated to the field of counseling after working as a field staff for therapeutic wilderness-based at-risk programs in western North Carolina. I graduated from the University of North Georgia with a MS in community counseling and have been a License Professional Counselor since 2014. I enjoy working with those that want to better identify, understand, and manage the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that lead their lives.

Why work with Aaron?

People have many parts of themselves that all operate together to help them move through their lives. When these parts work in unison things can function well. There are also times that these parts do not work well together, and things can become confusing and unbalanced. Most of the time people can re-balance on their own or with the help of friends and family. Other times people need help elsewhere and that is what Ican offer.