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Bonnie Sommer


About Bonnie.

I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and by the time I graduated HS my family had moved 9 times. Before coming to Colorado Springs in 2007 there were an additional 10 moves including overseas to spend four years in Okinawa, Japan. Although these moves were not due to Military assignments, I know what it is like to uproot and resettle. I have three adult children, 4 grandkids, 2 cats and a dog. My husband and I enjoy camping, hiking and exploring our beautiful state.


As a therapist it is my goal to create a safe environment for my clients while they identify personal strategies that will help them lead a more productive and vibrant life. I think my greatest accomplishment as a therapist so far is developing and implementing specialized care plans for patients in a women’s acute trauma unit which lead to working in a partial hospitalization program designed for men and women dealing with trauma. I have a BA in Counseling and an MS in Clinical Psychology.

Why work with Bonnie?

I know that no single approach in therapy is the right one for everyone, so I use a strengths-based client centered focus. I have a direct, engaging communication style and my commitment to providing effective mental health care remains stronger than ever.