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Chae Turner


About Chae (pronounced Shay):

I lived in Oregon, Nevada, and Texas, but finally settled in Colorado where I attended graduate school. I met my loyal and humorous husband while we were working in corrections. We are raising two teenage boys and we stay busy enjoying the outdoors - snowboarding, camping, and hiking. My Italian Mastiffs love to help us discover new trails and make sure the squirrels don’t bother us in the yard.


During my teenage years, I made poor decisions that damaged several of my relationships. However, several strong adults in my life guided me to change, which ultimately lead me to becoming a counselor.

Previously, I worked in the adult and juvenile criminal justice system where I specialized in depression, anxiety, sexual issues, anger management and severe trauma. When I worked on an army base, I met with couples to resolve communication and infidelity issues. I also counseled several clients who survived sexual trauma.

Why work with Chae?

Growing up with 4 brothers and 2 sisters lead me to develop a strong and outgoing personality that carries into sessions; I am gently candid to help push people to their potential. My goal is to explore people’s values and encourage them to develop their strengths. I believe laughter is healing so I implement humor into sessions. Individuals who are resistant and hesitant about therapy are always welcome in my office - I will gladly accept the challenge!