Corby Meyer


About Corby

I was born and raised in IL and joined the service after college. I met my wife while in the service and have two boys. We have lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years now. I have worked as a school counselor at the elementary and middle school level for the last 18 years. I enjoy golf, hiking, working out and doing things with friends.


In my practice as a therapist I believe people can decide what is best for themselves with a little guidance. I empower the people I work with to become the best version of themselves. My background in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy as well as training in Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness allow me to help people acquire the skills they need to become more effective in their lives.

Why work with Corby?

In my experience people have an idea they need help from someone to move in a new direction. I can assure you that I can help you discover ways to lead a more fulfilling life and improve your relationship with yourself and others.