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Dr. James "Jim" Bixler


About Jim

I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, where I also attended college. I met my wife at the college I attended and we married the year before I graduated. After working in a small town for two years we moved to East Tennessee for four years. During those early years of our marriage we had three children. I was commissioned in the Army in 1977 and was privileged to work with great people in Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and Aviation units. I have tended to be older than my peers. For instance, I went to Airborne training when I was almost 40. When I attended my doctoral studies, my son was actually ahead of me in the same program. My wife and I love to travel and have been able to do so relatively cheaply. Yeah for space available travel! Two of my children live here in Colorado Springs. My oldest currently lives in Peru. I have seven grandchildren, ranging in ages from 2 – 28. We have a great labradoodle for a pet. She is a terrific watchdog (she barks at everything), but an awful guard dog (who runs from anything or anyone who approaches).


My father was a college professor who taught psychology and also started what became the 2nd largest counseling service in the county in which we lived. I had not considered counseling as a profession until I was selected for a degree completion program in marriage and family counseling at Columbus State University while assigned to Fort Benning, Georgia. Before Operation Iraqi Freedom I was concerned that we would not serve our returning soldiers well, just as we had failed our Viet Nam era veterans. I endeavored to be better prepared to help individuals who experienced trauma. Since that training I have worked with numerous individuals who have experienced combat traumas, sexual assaults, fires, automobile accidents, deaths of friends and loved ones. While in my doctoral program my 4,000 hours of work supervised by licensed psychologists was done in a partial hospitalization program for active duty military members who had been diagnosed with PTSD. I completed my Doctorate of Psychology degree at University of the Rockies in 2016. Over the last 20 years I have conducted over 20,000 hours of therapy. I specialize in treating anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, and marital therapy.

Why work with Jim?

I endeavor to use simple, but highly researched methods of treatment, to help clients achieve positive improvement in the areas for which they are seeking help.