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Eli Varney


About Eli

I am currently married and I have a son. I additionally have two muts that keep me and my wife busy. During my down time I enjoy fixing up my house, mountain biking, hiking endurance running, reading, and spending time with family.


I decided I wanted to become a counselor for several reasons. The first reason was during my first deployment I recognized the need for counselors in the military. A lot of us were not getting the help that we needed. I have two combat deployments through the Army and I am currently still in the Wyoming Army National Guard. I would say that I specialize working with military members and their families as they work through anxiety, depression, and trauma. I am currently getting credentialed to work with addiction concerns as well. In the past I have worked with domestic violence clients, sex offender clients, and the homeless throughout Colorado Springs. I enjoy a challenge. 😊

Why work with Eli?

My philosophy is that the client subconsciously knows how to work through their current concern. I just have the honor of joining you on the journey and helping you discover additional tools. Whether it is through experiencing how physical fitness is tied to mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, Rogerian therapy, or Logotherapy, I will adapt my skills and knowledge to fit your needs. There is a quote I heard years ago that said “If you treat every problem the same, it is like building a house with only a hammer; you can do it, but it’s probably not going to look very good.” I want to find the right tools to help you through this time.