Kathy Ewing


About Kathy

I am a Colorado native. I have also lived in Arizona and New Mexico. I have an Australian Shepherd whose name is Rhett. Rhett keeps me very busy! I love to travel and have been to all 50 states. My favorite places are Hawaii, Colorado, and Montana. I enjoy doing art, sewing, hiking, working around my home, traveling, and doing agility with Rhett. I am getting back into kickboxing and rowing. I truly love to work with children and teens to help them find their true inner beauty and a connection in life.


I went into therapy to help children and teens to be able to function better and have more positive experiences in life. I specialize in CBT therapy, art therapy, coping strategy practice, Growth Mindset, and the Zones of Regulation. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I did my undergraduate work at University of Southern Colorado (Colorado State University-Pueblo) in social work. A few years later, I went to graduate school at Arizona State University for my Master in Social Work. I did post graduate work at Columbia University in child development. I worked as a school social worker for 8 years and as an investigator for child protection for 13 years. Additionally, I worked in residential treatment for children for 3 years. In 2014, I took a break from working with children and teens and worked for the State of Colorado-Governor’s Office. I worked in conjunction with the forensic unit at the Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo to release chronic mentally ill individuals back into the community they were from. I have sat on several community boards for children rights and I also helped write the Safe Haven Law for infants in the United States. I believe strongly in the social work values of following through with getting the necessary resources for clients and advocating for the needs of clients.

Why work with Kathy?

I intensely work with children and teens to learn to regulate their emotions, to use coping skills, problem solve, and to help children and teens achieve more happiness in life. I strongly advocate for children and teens to receive all services they need to become successful in their endeavors.