LeRoy E. Vernetti


About LeRoy

I was born into a military family and moved to Canon City, Colorado when I was 6 where my family has been since the late 1800’s. I enjoy being outdoors doing Jeep adventures with family and doing my hobby of photography and letting my dog explore all the ‘great’ smells of mountain trails. I was in the Marine Corps during the 1990’s which created a brotherhood of friends for life. I still enjoy engaging in military charities, adventures and community service.


I decided to get into counseling for several reasons. The first reason was I saw a need through my friends who were/are still active duty as well as Marines who were joining the Marine Corps League and didn’t know how to reach out for help. I previously was in child welfare which opened my eyes to a world where children needed a safe place to work through their needs. During my internship from Capella University, where I received a Masters in Mental Health Counseling,

In the past, I have worked within the juvenile criminal justice system in Colorado Springs where I specialized in trauma, anxiety, gang involvement, LGBTQ, sexual offenses, and family therapy. I also worked at a community mental health center with active duty military with dual diagnosis and crisis intervention during this time. Recently I have worked within the Department of Corrections specializing in Sex Offender Treatment.

Why work with LeRoy?

My philosophy is that I am a guide to help you understand your needs and how to obtain your goals. I have always felt it is a great honor for my clients to allow me to take this journey with them. My focus is always on the client helping them relax and understand the therapeutic journey they are on. I live by two motto’s I learned in the Marine Corps; Adapt and Overcome, and Never, Never Quit!