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Lisa Johnson


About Lisa

I am a Colorado Springs native. I love the Colorado mountains, lakes and the weather. My happy place is being on the lake but when I am not doing that, I go 4x4 jeeping with my family and hang out at the cabin enjoying the fresh air. I have a golden lab named Gus and he enjoys these adventures as well.


I love what I do! I have wanted to help others even when I was young, I just did not know that this is where it would lead me. I received my masters from Regis University in 2011. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist. I also have training in EMDR and neurofeedback. It is wonderful to be able to help many clients with their therapy needs with the specialties I have sought out in this field.

Why work with Lisa?

It is important that clients have a connection with any person of treatment so that they can learn, grow and heal. When clients come in for therapy, we can talk about what the best option will be for them as they go through their journey whether it is from the past, a traumatic event, current behavioral or emotional situations or wanting to focus on performance. I will meet you where you are in the process. It is also important that when having a play therapy sessions, parents can be invited into the session as many kiddos feel scared without the parent being in session and it is also helpful for the parent to understand how play therapy works. It is important to help the child in session and have the support of the parent. When they feel more confident, then they can come in without assistance and grow further in therapy as they have developed a connection with the therapist.