Covid - 19 Update 4 Aug 20

We are open at all locations and offering telehealth services to those who request it.

We understand that this year has been a difficult time for everyone. With so many uncertainties and challenges, it can create a little anxiety for everyone. Like many of you, we have had to make changes in the way we manage our lives. Our staff is filled with people just like you who have children out of school, or taking care of elderly parents, or may live with somebody in a high risk category. But, we also know that mental health is important and we wanted to be able to accommodate the needs or both our staff and our patients. We've allowed staff members to work from home for their safety and have expanded our telehealth services to allow patients to remain at home as well.

Safety continues to be our #1 concern.

Our clinics have remained open, but we are following all recommended CDC guidelines for cleanliness, masking requirements and social distancing. The current order states that we must wear masks in all public buildings.

Thank you.

We wanted to take this time to thank all of those who have continued to support us as we too struggled with adjusting to the new guidelines. We're all in this together isn't just a great tagline. It's how we need to support one another in our communities.

For all the latest information on Covid - 19, you can access the CDC's website here.