4 Mental Health Issues that Behavioral Health Therapy for Military Veterans in Colorado Can Address

Mental health issues have been a pressing problem for military veterans. The exposure to a hostile war environment and seeing your comrades get injured or die during battle can cause trauma. For this reason, the services of behavioral health therapy for military veterans in Colorado are extremely helpful.

The physical stress and injuries that the military personnel face is only a small portion of their ordeal. Knowing about the different health issues plaguing military veterans is one step to address them. Learn more about how it can also benefit the family of those who are affected.

Common Mental Health Issues Suffered by Military Veterans

Based on research data from the RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research, 20% of the veterans who served in Afghanistan or Iraq have been affected. Most of them are diagnosed with PTSD or depression.

The experiences that they have or witness affect these veterans long after they have escaped the war zone. Below are some of the mental health issues that are suffered by military veterans:

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a type of stress disorder that is a result of stress or trauma that a person is exposed to. In this case, it refers to the physical combat, terrorist attacks, assault, and other serious accidents that the military veterans are exposed to.

Even when they are out of the war zone, they have the tendency to re-live these moments. Furthermore, they are very vulnerable to these events that they feel anxious, stressed, or easily startled.


Depression is another mental health problem that affects military veterans. Most veterans are depressed when they witness their comrades suffer serious injuries or die in front of them.

In some cases, they experience depression and guilt when they see their colleagues die while they survive. There are different causes and manifestations of depression among veterans.

Substance Abuse

Notably, this is also a common problem among veterans. Statistics show that 1 in 15 military veterans suffer from substance abuse, which could be alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

Anxiety Disorder

This is a condition characterized by an increased level of anxiety among military veterans. This can be due to witnessing a life-threatening experience or the death of comrades.

When they return to their civilian life, they become extremely agitated and always anxious. There is an alarming rate of military veterans that commit suicide due to anxiety and depression.

Seek Help from Behavioral Health Therapy for Military Veterans in Colorado

Military veterans’ behavioral health services Colorado Springs company is vital in helping veterans recover from their mental health issues. The combat experiences are never easy, so with the help of professionals, they will be able to overcome these traumatic experiences.

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