Behavioral Health Therapy for Military Veterans in Colorado with Mental Health Problems

Most, if not all, military veterans experience a wide range of mental health conditions after their tour of duty. These conditions can include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, depression, and anxiety. Some would even resort to substance abuse to cope with their condition. That is why there is a specific branch of behavioral health therapy for military veterans in Colorado. It is a good first step to help diagnose the existence of a problem and provide the necessary treatment.

Common Mental Health Issues of Military Veterans

The traumatic environment that military veterans are exposed to is a contributor to their mental state. Even long after they’ve returned home from their duty, the stress and trauma continues to haunt them. Before you look for family behavioral health therapy Colorado companies offer for military veterans, it is important to know the common mental health issues.

PTSD in veterans is the most common type of behavioral and mental health problem they encounter. This is a common reaction of the body and mind after going through a traumatic or stressful event. Even when the said event is over, their body continues to exhibit the stress-related behaviors. Post-traumatic stress can be diagnosed using a variety of symptoms. Some would have flashbacks of the event, which are often intrusive and recurring. Others cope with the stress by avoiding it to a point of emotional numbness. For a few others, they can exhibit negative thoughts or feelings. There is also a general loss of interest towards people or in engaging in various activities.

Depression and anxiety are two behavioral health issues that are common among veterans. Depression and anxiety both affect the mood of an individual. In some cases,it can affect their way of life–from their eating habits, to sleeping patterns, and more. Some veterans might even feel disconnected from their family members. They feel like their loved ones cannot provide the emotional support they need. As a result, they bottle up their emotions, but doing this is unhealthy for the patient. This is why many mental health experts suggest that the entire family go through therapy with the patient. It allows the family members to widen their perspective about the needs of the veterans.

Where Can You Find the Best Behavioral Health Therapy for Military Veterans in Colorado?

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