Get Help for Depression with TMS Treatment Colorado Springs CO

Do you have depression? Are you taking antidepressant medications? Have you thought about visiting a TMS treatment Colorado Springs CO clinic as an alternative?

If you haven’t, you should.

There are more benefits to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) than popping a pill.

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. In the United States alone, 16.2 million adults have experienced a major depressive episode over the past year.

Due to the high prevalence and impact on functioning caused by major depressive disorder (MDD), it is considered one of the most burdensome disorders on mental health.

Among US servicemen, depressive disorders account for some of the most prevalent problems in the military. Depression may not be commonly associated with combat and similar traumatic experiences, but there is a link between the two.

  • 17% of diagnosed mental health disorders between 2000 and 2011 are depressive disorders
  • Younger, female, and certain subsets of the active-duty population are highly likely to develop depression symptoms
  • Those deployed with combat exposure also have an increased chance of developing depression.

Depression is a major problem anywhere else around the world. But the good news is that there is now a safer alternative to antidepressant medications.

What Does TMS treatment Colorado Springs CO Clinic Offer?

It’s a technology that uses pulses of magnetic energy that directly target areas of the brain that control moods. Unlike antidepressant medication that is absorbed into the bloodstream to treat the problem, TMS goes straight to the brain, making it a more effective alternative treatment.

Think of TMS as the MRI machine for your depressive brain that restores normal functioning. Depending on the kind of machine used, your transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment in Colorado Springs may only last three minutes.

How TMS Therapy Helps

It’s a good treatment to try if you’re diagnosed with MDD and taking medications that are not working or are causing side effects. Most people would consider this type of depression as stubborn, and medications will have little to no effect on it.

The non-invasive TMS treatment sends very small electrical currents to the prefrontal cortex of the brain that is involved with mood regulation. The currents activate cells within the brain and are believed to release neurotransmitters.

An initial treatment course is set over a four- to six-week period, consisting of five treatments per week. This typically totals an average of 20 to 30 treatments. Maintenance TMS treatments may be recommended for optimal antidepressant benefits.

Treatment usually lasts about 20 minutes and is performed in a doctor’s office or in a Colorado family behavioral health services clinic near you.

Mild headaches and short-term scalp discomfort are the two most common side effects of TMS. After the procedure, you can safely drive yourself home and resume normal activities.

Get TMS Treatment from Family Care Center

As a family behavioral health services Colorado Springs company, we offer different treatments for a range of behavioral health problems, including depression, to active duty family members and veterans. We use two machines for TMS therapy of major depression, with the ultimate goal of helping you or a loved with depression feel good about life once again.

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