Know the Signs of Someone in Need of Mental Health Services for Military Veterans Colorado

Mental health services for military veterans Colorado residents recommend play a vital role in the ongoing fight to improve military mental health. More than two million servicemen have been deployed to wars and a third of them suffer from one form of clinical mental condition or another.

According to a report prepared by the Deployment Health Clinical Center, the prevalence of mental health disorders among all service members increased to more than 23% in 2013 and then declined by approximately 20% in 2016.

Among veterans, the numbers remain alarmingly high. The RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research shows that:

  • 20% of veterans who served in either Afghanistan or Iraq suffer from either post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression.
  • 19.5% of veterans who belong in these categories suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

It is clear that mental health problems plague vets. But what if these problems are identified early on and then treated promptly?

Questions to ask to help you recognize the signs of mental health disorder

  • Are they showing signs of delusion or hallucinations?
  • Are they suffering from multiple unexplained physical ailments?
  • Is their mood extremely high one time and then extremely low the next?
  • Have they withdrawn from society?
  • Are they experiencing excessive anxieties, fears, and worries?
  • Do you notice dramatic changes in their sleeping and eating habits?
  • Do they show excessive substance use?
  • Are they having difficulty dealing with daily activities and problems?
  • Do they show strong feelings of anger more than usual?
  • Do they have suicidal thoughts?
  • Do they deny that they have problems even if it’s pretty obvious that they do?

If you see any of these signs, speak to veterans about visiting a mental health provider and getting themselves checked. If needed, reach out for assistance.

Don’t let the fear of stigma stop you from helping veterans with mental health problems.

Push to check for mental health

Whether you’re the veteran or someone close to you, it is crucial that you have your symptoms checked. You only need to complete a short screening tool to rule out any life-altering problems.

With available resources at your fingertips—TRICARE, The National Institute of Mental Health, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, etc.—you can be treated right away.

Why use mental health services for military veterans Colorado

Because trained individuals in mental health can:

  • Reach out to veterans who are reluctant to seek help or are suffering in silence
  • Help break down the stigma that is linked to mental health problems
  • Provide veterans information about the support that is available in their community and other resources
  • Ensure mental healthcare and treatment are accessible to those in need
  • With this in mind, visit the nearest provider of mental health services.

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