Military Dependents Mental Health Therapy Colorado Springs: Helping You Cope When Your Spouse is Deployed

Spouses often have mixed emotions when their partners are called to serve their country. Some are afraid of what might happen to their special someone once they are deployed, while others are proud, knowing that their husband or wife is protecting the nation that they swore to protect.

Emotions play an important role in any relationship, whether you’re a military dependent or otherwise. Nobody wants to be away from their loved ones, let alone be in a place where you can’t see, hear, or feel their presence for long periods of time. But as long as there is a military dependents mental health therapy Colorado Springs company, there will always be measures you can take to make this time a little less stressful. Here are some tips that you can do to ease the emotional stress of being a military dependent.

Think Positive

Be hopeful that everything is going to be okay. Treat their deployment as some sort of vacation, except that it does involve a lot of responsibilities. Also, anticipate their homecoming. Plan what you want to do ahead of time so when they come knocking on your front door, you can mark it as a glorious occasion.

Be Sure to Erase Regret

Regret adds to the emotional baggage that you will have to carry by the time you say goodbye or within the days leading to their deployment. Always remember that you and your partner have made a mutual decision, and that they are doing it not just for the country, but for you and your family as well.

Spend Time Together

Spend quality time together with your spouse, especially on the days leading to his or her deployment. Focus on the moments you have together and not on their upcoming long absence. This time is crucial since you will soon be apart, and these precious moments will have some positive and lasting impact on them.

Always Keep The Lines Open

Communication is an essential part of any relationship; that’s why it’s best for you to sit down and discuss how you can talk to each other. There will be times when they will be allowed to use the Internet, so take full advantage of that. If possible, convince them to write to you or send word through those who are going home.

Occupy Yourself

Talk to your friends, be with your family, and keep yourself busy. These are just some of the things that you can do to occupy your mind and not think of negative thoughts that might spring up.

There may be other military dependents and spouses in your area that can help you cope in dealing with a long distance relationship.

The Family Care Center is a great resource for military dependents mental health therapy Colorado Springs. Its doors are open to anyone who wants to be a part of a larger group of active family members and veterans of our armed forces. Together, we can overcome any fear and distress. Reach out to us and we will be more than glad to listen.