Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment in Colorado Springs for PTSD in Veterans

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is very common among veterans. Past trauma can be crippling, which is something where veterans are exposed to. This happens especially to those who served during wartime. But all hope is not lost for families of veterans who are looking for a treatment for this condition.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment in Colorado Springs is an emerging option for those looking for an FDA-approved and non-invasive treatment. Aside from PTSD, this form of treatment has been used in a variety of mental health conditions. Explore how this treatment goes and what makes it beneficial.

TMS for PTSD in Veterans

If you are keen to try this procedure for your loved ones, here are a few things you need to know:

Brain Functions Affected

There are various regions in the brain function of a person who is affected by PTSD. The key brain parts are targeted during the treatment to restore normal brain function. This reduces or even eliminates the trauma.

The goal is to help PTSD patients to distinguish between past traumas from the present situation. In return, they are not constantly intertwined in their brains.

Precautions Needed

Before trying TMS, many mental health practitioners would recommend other procedures first. In most cases, the intake of medication and talk therapy is recommended.

But if none of these methods work, then experts suggest proceeding with transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment.

The Treatment & Procedure

Accordingly, the procedure uses electromagnetic impulses via an electromagnetic coil. It aims to regulate cellular activity in regions of the brain associated with PTSD.

Depending on the extent of the PTSD problem, TMS can help to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder. It can also help to treat depression and improve social and occupational function in the affected individuals.

The Aftermath

Even if TMS might not be able to completely get rid of PTSD, it has improved the quality of life for patients who suffer from them. The treatment makes the symptoms easier to manage.

Prior to that, it can be uncontrollable without this procedure. It also makes it easier to function daily, as well as maintain relationships.

Where to Get Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment in Colorado Springs?

When you are looking for TMS providers in Colorado Springs, look no further than Family Care Center. Our behavioral health service in Colorado Springs is considered the best in the city, as well as in the state of Colorado. We specialize in treatment and therapy for veterans and their families.

The use of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment in Colorado Springs is the leading treatment option for PTSD patients. And we take pride in the fact that we were among the first ones to introduce this treatment procedure in Colorado.

If you are new to TMS, you can learn more about how this procedure works here. If your veteran loved ones are suffering from other mental health issues (aside from PTSD), we can also offer other veteran services. Our premier mental health facility, the Family Care Center, was established in 2016 and is composed of mental health experts and professionals.

If you have any questions about transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment and would want to consider it for your veteran loved ones, call us at (719) 540-2100.