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What are the signs of PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can develop in individuals who were exposed to traumatic events or experiences. The symptoms of PTSD may not appear until a few weeks or months since the occurrence of said event. This condition is commonly diagnosed in military veterans, who have been exposed to traumatic experiences when on active duty. If you suspect your loved one is exhibiting symptoms, you must find military veterans behavioral health services in Colorado Springs CO. An expert can help you properly diagnose the condition and recommend the best treatment.


Recognizing the symptoms of PTSD

The manifestations of PTSD can differ from one person to another. But an expert who knows about these symptoms very well will be able to identify if your loved ones have PTSD. There are various symptoms to look out for such as the following:

  • Experiencing trauma or nightmares from the event due to the patient’s memories. This can also have physical manifestations such as uncontrollable shaking, palpitations of the heart, and panic attacks.
  • The patient shows extreme avoidance of the things that are associated with the traumatic event. For example, when the patient refuses to go to the same location where the traumatic event occurred. In some cases, the patient might also develop a lack of interest in activities that they were once passionate about.
  • The patient exhibits the feeling of being constantly on guard or being emotionally reactive. You might also notice that they are easily irritable or have trouble concentrating.
  • The patient is often in a negative mood or experiences negative thoughts for no apparent reason. You might also notice that they tend to be worried a lot.

The family should be highly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD. Make sure to pay full attention if there are any changes in the behavior of your loved ones. Let them know that they are not going through the battle alone. This is an important preventive step as many veterans who suffer from PTSD have suicidal thoughts. Allowing them to connect with PTSD groups can help them cope as well, or better yet, you should seek a professional’s help.


Looking for military veterans behavioral health services in Colorado Springs, CO?

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