What Happens During a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment in Colorado Springs

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, every year 18.1% of the population in the U.S., particularly adults aged 18 and older, are affected by anxiety disorders. Out of the 40 million affected, only 36.9% receive treatment.

It is common for sufferers of anxiety disorders to also suffer from depression. In fact, almost half of the people diagnosed with depression also suffer from anxiety disorders.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are on, there is a mental disorder that needs to be addressed. This is especially true if you are a woman since half of the serious cases of depression involve women.

There are six common types of depression in America:

  1. Major depressive disorder
  2. Persistent depressive disorder
  3. Bipolar disorder
  4. Seasonal depression
  5. Postpartum depression
  6. Psychotic depression

The good news is clinical depression is treatable. There are several treatment methods available including transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment in Colorado Springs.

TMS is a treatment procedure that uses specific wavelengths of magnetic fields to target specific areas of your brain. The magnetic pulses help reduce symptoms of depression and are most effective when delivered at regular intervals. If you sign up for treatment with the Colorado family behavioral health services, you only need to spend 20 to 40 minutes to complete one session.

What to Expect from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment in Colorado Springs

First session

As a short outpatient procedure, a TMS treatment session usually lasts about 37 minutes. But the first session could last up to an hour and a half because a physician needs to determine how to administer the treatment most effectively.

You’ll be asked to relax in a treatment chair and wear protective earplugs. This will keep you from hearing the tapping sound that the system emits during operation.

During the first session, your TMS physician will perform several tests:

  • Identify your motor threshold or the amount of magnetic field strength that will move your right thumb. This will serve as the basis for your treatment.
  • Identify the place on your head where the magnetic coil will be placed and the TMS treatment is applied. This will ensure optimal treatment.

Once the motor threshold and head placement are identified, a certified physician of a TMS treatment Colorado Springs company then administers the therapy over a 40-minute period.

In intervals of 30 seconds, the TMS device will deliver rapid pulses of magnetic fields to your brain. The pulses will feel like tapping on your scalp, something that some patients find uncomfortable.

If you experience the same thing, speak to your provider of family mental health services in Colorado so adjustments can be made to reduce any discomfort you might feel.

Following a TMS Treatment Session

You may experience discomfort at the part of your head where the magnetic coil is placed or a headache. These are two of the common side effects that will improve with further treatment.

After treatment, you can return to your normal daily routine with little to no downtime.

You may be prescribed an over-the-counter analgesic to treat your discomfort. If your side effects persist even after your second session, talk to your TMS physician. The strength of magnetic field forces may need to be reduced temporarily to address the discomfort you feel during and after treatment.

Get TMS Treatment for Depression from the Family Care Center

We provide family therapy in Colorado Springs with a range of services, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. We believe in treating depression without prescription medications and TMS Therapy has proven effective. Combined with our Counseling Services, you can say better manage depression and lead a more productive life.

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