About Buddy

I am married with 2 kids. I grew up in the small farming community of Mangum in rural southwestern Oklahoma. After High school I signed into the US Army Reserve for 4 years and left the active Army 29 years later. During that time, I was privileged to travel all over the world and work with amazing people.

I enjoy “anything outdoors” (hiking, kayaking, fishing, exercising, gardening) I am avid reader.



I served in the US Army as a both enlisted medic and a medical Officer. I graduated from the US Military Interservice Physician Assistant program (IPAP) in 2005. I have personally dealt with PTSD, social anxiety and depression from multiple combat & non-combat deployments. I understand how these feeling effect your daily thoughts, actions and expressions.

Why work with Buddy?

I hope sharing my recovery experiences, failures and strategies can help my fellow veterans, “re-adjust” to life outside of combat zones and military life itself.